Let's Get Controversial


Okay, I'm going to be controversial here for a minute. No, no, I'm not going to talk about the Oscars. For one, I have only ever seen one Oscar night before, so I have basically nothing to compare it to. And two, I only saw half of it this year. If we were going to throw a three in there, it would be that... I do think Seth is funny, even though he went out of line - what do you expect? Oh, and fourth reason I am not going to talk about the Oscars: I'm just all about Jennifer Lawrence and she's basically all I would talk about. Aaaand all the movies that I want to see now that I haven't had time to see yet.  Like Life of Pi and Argo. And Lincoln (yes, it looks boring and I still want to see it). And Silver Linings Playbook, again. 

Oh, but I was going to talk about something controversial! Yes, back to that. Valentine's Day, ya'll. It's so controversial! Every year! Half the city has fun however they choose, and the other half gets really obnoxious and digs deep in their fancy bag of weird excuses and ridiculous angst and talks about how they haaaattteee Valentine's Day (even the chocolate!) and will Not be celebrating. I think I heard more than ever about how awful and pointless Valentine's Day is this year than ever before. Even if it is made up, whatever! Let's take an excuse and do something fun (as I mentioned in a V-day post here) or just share the love - whatever kind of love you are experiencing right here and right now (like I talked about last year here). 


Just in case you were wondering what the hus and I did for Valentine's this year, we went snowboarding. SO EXCITING. It's been Three Years. We now have been sufficiently reminded that we are old and our knees are not what they were. But it was awesome. (Ooo I have also recently been reminded of my aging self by finding not one but four grey hairs! Haha!) And along with snowboarding, Josh gave me a closet overhaul. Thankfully I don't have a "before" photo so you don't have to see the miserable, disorganized wreck that I have lived with - my own fault - for the past five months. But ohhhh I do love that man! And he does know me well and know what kinds of gifts I like. (For the sake of honesty and full-disclosure, we actually didn't do either of those things REALLY for Valentine's... they just happened to happen the weekend of Valentines day and we are broke so we rolled them into the holiday. Works for me.)


Did you have fun this Valentine's Day? Did you watch the Oscars? Do you have any suggestions for other controversial topics I should address (kidding!!!)?