Jess's Romantic Wedding

Back in July I gave you a very small sneak peek of Jess’s wedding. The only photos I took were in the back of the Jeep during delivery. They are a bit jumbled up as one might expect of a car full of bouquets. But the flowers were so lovely I still go back to those photos.

Then last week Jess sent me some of her professional photos. Eee! From what I can see, the photographer really captured the romantic look Jess was creating for her wedding. The venue was a bed and breakfast with a flower-filled yard and gazebo - if that gives you any idea of how sweet and romantic this wedding was! I can’t even tell you how thrilled I was to meet Jess and hear her vision for her special day - soft pinks, creams, sage, that would be set off by navy. LOVE it so much!

Jess was so great to work with, and had such a great vision for her wedding… it was absolutely wonderful to be a part of dreaming up flowers and bouquets with her! I love working with all types for flowers, and often gravitate toward flowers that are less expected and a little more wild, but there’s a romatic in me that needs only the slightest hint to get rolling. Then I’m gushing garden roses and peonies all day long. 

Enough of that - on to the photos!

[photos by Dina Chmut Photography]