From Bramble, with Love

I know all you haters out there were hoping I’d pass up Valentine’s day since I already mentioned the holiday this year. Sorry, I can’t help it.

And not just because I am a floral designer, of love flowers, or have an awesome significant other. I… kind of like Valentine’s day. I don’t like the greeting card frenzied, red food dye overloaded, sit in a jam-packed restaurant parts of the day. What I like is that we have a day where people are expected to say I LOVE YOU. Some people think the expectation takes away the significance, but I say if it takes a fake holiday to get you to say it, then at least you’ve said it. Saying I love you is like saying I’m sorry. It takes practice. (Too bad we don’t have some sort of weird holiday to say I’m sorry - greeting card people’d better get on it!) But for real - I know that if you only show your s.o. you love them on one day of the year where you HAVE TO then it’s not real and you’re a jerk. But if you’re someone who has baggage about the phrase, hasn’t have much practice with it, or is just plain awkward this is your big chance to get in on one of the best phrases in the world! 

Well, I’ll get off my soap box now. Actually, one more thing: I think the way to make this fake holiday better for everyone is to make sure to say I love you to as many people as you can.  Especially if you s.o. is awesome (or you are awesome) and do those sweet things throughout the year. Take time for someone else!

This year I experimented with a Victorian Posy style bouquet. Something of a theme and variation. We were going for antique and romantic with a little wild and unexpected.