Lisa & Jeremy's Wedding

Among the surprisingly large number of things I learned in 2011, many of which will hopefully appear in “Top Things I Learned”, “Resolutions” and other such posts, I learned that punctuality in things that may or may not seem significant is actually quite useful. I.e. paperwork, emails, aaaand posting photos from weddings as soon as you have the images.

It’s also raining absolute buckets outside right now, and we could probably all use a little vacation to Summer (even the Northwest Summer we all claim is non-existent: it is consistently warmer than “Wintry Mix”). Back in July, on a day that threatened rain but turned out lovely, two very dear people got married in the Columbia River Gorge (first mentioned here). They are such a sweet family - I love how the photographer captured a piece of their excitement and joy.

Having the ceremony at Bridal Veil Falls was perfect for them - they’re a beautiful family with a little bit of a wildness! (Lisa’s delicate beauty doesn’t stop her from getting out in nature and loving it!) Much to the little girls’ delight Lisa has always loved light blue and lavender, which made for lovely princess dresses as well as lovely flowers! She also recently fell in love with lace cap hydrangeas, which was really exciting for me - they make fabulous bouquets. Thanks for letting me be a part of your special day!

[Photos by Back in Black Photography]