Farmers Market

There is nothing I love more on a free Saturday morning than to grab my old-school canvas Trader Joe's bag, all the cash I can find in the house, and head to the farmers market. Josh and I aren't particular about which one - if we're in a hurry, or need some honey, we head to the Hollywood farmers market, but if we want to just spend the morning wandering around sipping coffee and snacking on fresh berries, we usually end up at the PSU farmers market.

Giant trees, crisscrossing paths, live music (highschooler on his violin, random 30-something with a didgeridoo...), sun, shade, really good coffee, and of course, Food: saturday morning at its best.

Last week we made our first trip of the summer to the PSU market. Yes, I know it's September. We were just that busy. But we made it! That's what counts, right? You should probably run get a snack before looking at the ret of this post, because there was a lot of beautiful food that just begged to be photographed before eaten. 


[trees ~ flowers]


[more peppers]


[leeks ~ crazy carrots]


[tomatoes ~ dahlias]


[trees ~ iced coffee ~ lavender]