weekend update

Okay, so coming out of this past weekend I feel like a bit of a disgrace for a NorthWesterner. My calves hurt so bad I can barely stumble around my house when I first get out of bed. And the blister on my heel? Let's just say I don't know if they make bandaids big enough. And all from a 13 mile hike ...that was FLAT.

In my defense, here are the noobie things that didn't happen: didn't sunburn, didn't dehydrate, didn't whine, didn't quit. Okay, so there may have been some whining in the last half hour. Mostly just really awkward walking. Thanks to the hus and my friend Sierra for not laughing at me. 

In no order whatsoever, highlights from the weekend:

1. Timothy Lake hike, Mt Hood (this sort of dominated my weekend... and my camera)

2. 1st picknick of the year [@ Mt Tabor]

3. fxcamera app for Droid

4. ο»Ώο»ΏMy unknown neighbor with the amazing flowers

5. Orange lipstick (Clinique Ambrosia - I am loving it for summer)

This week we're throwing in a weekend fail, too, just because it was pretty huge: PBS for killing our Sunday night with it's fundraiser and no Mystery!

Well, I hope you got out and enjoyed the sun, saw some beautiful flowers, and found your summer 2011 indulgence. PS: there were no Mt Hood wildflower pictures because they're not quite in season yet... we hiked thorough both mud puddles and little piles of snow. Hopefully I'll get back up there and get some good images for you!

Happy Monday!