Our Friends to the North

What a rainy [and clumsy] Tuesday! I blame the Ides of March. I could be cursing my evening as well with such statement ["Ay, they have come, but they are not gone."] - but I feel pretty confident about tonight: it's the first MLS game of the 2011 season! While discussing our evening plan to watch said game [Seattle vs LA] I was reminded of the couple of photos from my recent trip to Seattle I have yet to post! Yet another reason to feel positive about this evening of the 15th of March... Flowers in the sun. We in the Northwest can always use a few more reminders that the sun Does exist, right?

I recently squeezed in a quick trip up to Seattle to visit my dear friend Rose, and managed to do so on probably the sunniest weekend in the past 2 months. Sun... in Seattle? I KNOW! It was great.

Between stops on our spectacular coffee tour, I snapped a few pics of winter flowers. We came across a number of really great winter gardens, and now I wish I had gotten a few images of the landscapes I found these flowers in - some really lovely gardens! Rose and I collectively decided that here in the NW it is a good idea to focus on your winter garden, because really, it's the winter and early spring when we need a good dose of color, flowers and general cheering up. 

Okay okay - here are the flowers:

And, as none of these helebores [or the ones I found in Portland] are mine for the taking, I haven't been able to use any in arrangements to show you. It takes a Great deal of self-control to not whip out some clippers and take some of these beauties home. Fortunately, the amazing girls at Saipua have procured a few and, of course, turned out some stunning designs. I recommend taking a look.