Duke Open House [preview]

Saturday I had the pleasure of bringing flowers to a Portland reception for a couple who got married in Montana. Gabe and Melissa are a fantastic couple with a love for the outdoors - the more remote the better, it seems! They’re moving to a tiny town in Montana. Correction, they’re moving outside a tiny town in Montana. They love backpacking and anything that involves roughing it. But they’re so sweet and friendly… it makes me wonder - maybe when you see people less often you’re able to put up with them better when you actually come into contact with them. Could be worth an experiment. But I think I’d better not try it out. I’m far too social. I think I might go overboard when I actually came back to civilization. 

On to the flowers!

With Gabe and Melissa’s love of natural things in mind, I went for a natural, woodland look. European floral design tends to be more natural in and of itself, and here the “just in from the garden” aspect is emphasized even more with the use of herbs and veggies. Can you spot [and name] them?