When initially approached a couple weeks ago to do memorial flowers I wanted to say no, basically just on the grounds that it was the unknown - and I had two days to do it. I felt the pressure of wanting to have tried one before, and wanting to make sure it would be perfect - to be tasteful and beautiful and happy for the family. There wouldn’t be time to ask what they want, or for favorite flowers or colors. My instructions were a price range and “something cheerful”. With a little bit of effort I got instructions on color, too. Then I thought “Well, there has to be a first time sometime” and went for it.

The flowers: blue delphinium, yellow cock’s comb, orange saffron flower, and green ferns.

All over these saffron blooms!


Because of the last minute nature of memorials, I didn’t have time to photograph the process or the product, but thankfully the church sent me these images.


This picture I did take, however, in the car during delivery (I was stopped at a light… I promise!). The early morning sun shining through the window and onto the flowers was too beautiful to not take a picture of - I accidentally shifted the arrangement while I snapped the picture, but I love it anyway. It makes sense for flowers to have motion and blur, they are alive, afterall.