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In a world of mass produced, Pinterest perfect weddings, own your vision with finely crafted, totally unexpected flowers.

If you love this Oregon landscape and have a gorgeous vision for an off the beaten path, true to nature inspired wedding, I got you.

You’re in the right place. 

Planning wedding flowers can feel really complicated and intimidating. That’s why I’ve created a full service wedding package that will empower you to do things your own way (no more being tied to pictures you’ve seen a thousand times, or being limited to a two color prom palette!) and, dare I say, have fun doing it!

Your vision + my background in design, events, and knowledge of horticulture = a thoughtful, creative, one of a kind plan for executing stunning, totally you wedding flowers.



The Process

1. Email Me!

 Answer a few questions (and let me know anything else about you, your s.o., what you love to do in your spare time, your favorite t.v. shows... anything you care about that makes you you!) and hit "submit"! I'll get back to you within 72 hours so we can...

2. Grab coffee! 

My complimentary consults are not just about banging out some details. I care so much about each couple carefully select every year - your wedding means so much to me. It's my livelihood, and my passion! I want to get to know you, anything and everything you have in your heart about your wedding, and all the info I can find out in order to...

3. Get started! 

My 3 step design process is designed to keep your part simple and stress free, and allow me to design and plan on a timeline that works for our unique collaboration. 

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Pricing starts at $2,500

3 meetings

unlimited email and phone communication

custom designs for your wedding party, reception, and ceremony

detail styling

delivery and set up

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Having an adventure instead of an event?

I have a few spots each year for elopements. 

Are you a fellow event pro?

I love editorial shoots!