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I love empowering people to do things their own way.

With my flower obsessed, fine art based approach, and a massive love of all things Oregon and nature, I am here to help you create something you've never seen before. 

My journey to creating Bramble didn't really start with my love of nature, gardening, flowers, and all things creative. It started with an unconventional college degree (raise your hand if you've ever been told degrees in fine art or liberal arts will never get you anywhere!) and studying abroad, never being satisfied with my day jobs, dabbling in different areas of events, and constantly asking myself, "How can I combine my love of making with my love of working with people on something that matters?". (Actually, if I'm totally honest, it probably started when I was a toddler, insisting to do everything myself. Hello creative entrepreneurs everywhere!) 

After finding floral design, I traveled down a beautiful road that has included 8 years (and counting) of weddings, studying under other florists Francoise Weeks, Studio Choo, Sarah Winward, and Lisa Waud, and gaining a certificate as an Oregon State University Master Gardener.

But I think the most important thing I've learned is that I love empowering you to do things your own way. I love working with your ideas and your vision to create something totally new and completely you.  Your heart for wild, natural Oregon, and an uncomplicated, professional experience is my favorite thing. I've worked a ton of weddings so that you don't have to become a pro. Planning a wedding is practically a 2nd job, I know, and I am here to keep the floral part FUN. 


By the numbers... (So Far)

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