This Floral Life: Hooked on a Feeling

It's been a big week. Four events in one weekend. Unimaginagble. 

To even begin to describe all the emotions this brings is tough.

One is exhaustion. So many early mornings. So many late nights, So, so many stems to cut and buckets to fill and refill. 

One is fear. That constant two faced companion. The one side being afraid of being not good enough; the other of being successful and striving too far. 

One is excitement. The adrenaline rush of completing an original creation. The anticipation of sharing art with others. 

One is gratefulness. The ability to do work that I love. The opportunity to serve amazing people. The development of new friendships with so many other creatives.

One is hope. The foundation of coming this far. The promise of new seasons. The joy of a new morning. 

And the beauty in the everyday

Allison SchreckComment