#realtalk: Portland style wedding favors

So here's some #realtalk from my most recent consultation - which by the way I owe a huge thank you to Jules and Louis. They introduced me to the Multnomah Whiskey Library. It's unreal. Anyway here's the question: 

Q: What are some Portland style wedding favors?

A: Well, it took me a little while to come up with a few items. They were looking for a distellery making airplane size bottles. I couldn't think of any, so, if you know of some let me know in the comments. Here were some other options: 

Anything PDX airport carpet: It has a legit cult following and it's own Instagram account

Anything that involves beer, or coffee: Seriously, we don't know how could we have it until you travel somewhere else and try to find a good beer or good cup of coffee. 

Wood Cookies: I've seen a couple different versions of these. Some have a wedding date or even a inspirational quote. But nothing says Portland, Oregon like a little slice of wood. We are descened from pioneer and lumberjacks after all. Plus there's this guy - the Portland Timbers mascot. 

Anyway, what's been your favorite Portland wedding favor?

Allison Schreck1 Comment