How to get cheap wedding flowers in Portland

There are all kinds of people with all types of budgets, styles, and priorities when it comes to weddings. As I've read wedding blogs, forums, Facebook groups, and chatted with countless brides, I've found a few tips that have been really universally useful in finding cheap wedding flowers in Portland. So here's the deal:

Q: Are you willing to DIY your flowers? 

A: If you are willing to DIY, it's all about finding the right sources for flowers. Here are a couple of my favorites:

- One of the dozens of farmer's markets around Portland
- U pick/ U cut farms. I'm particularly partial to the ones on Sauvie Island
- Wholesale - aka Costco
- Ask your gardening neighbor :)

The other piece of DIY is having a plan. Flowers take time and can be difficult to work with, so make sure you have some friends who you trust to help out. You won't have time to wrap up the last centerpieces right before the wedding. You gotta get in that dress! 

Q: Or, are you looking to find someone to do them for you for cheap? 

A: If you aren't interested in DIY, your best bet is to be flexible.

- OFF TIME IS THE BEST TIMETry getting married in the off season or during the week - some florists give discounts for non peak time events.  Also, stop by a couple wedding shows as almost all wedding vendors offer discounts or bonus value items at the shows. 
- GO SEASONAL: Don't worry so much about matching the color palette and ask your florist to use local seasonal flowers. This should cut down on the actual cost of the flowers
- SIMPLIFY THE LOOK:  Any type of installation, arch, chuppah, are hugely labor intensive tasks and will require assistants and time. Also, consider using less flowers - maybe only put flowers on half the reception tables and candles (from Ikea!) on the rest.
- FIND AN UP-AND-COMER: There's always new and talented people starting on their journey a little research or asking an established florist for a recommendation are great places to find someone. 

If you have any other questions or ideas I'll check and respond to any comments below. 

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