Mother's Day Brunch

So my sister and I have been trying out a variety of Mother's Day ideas the last couple of years. We had a Mother's Day High Tea at the Tea Zone in the Pearl District. That was really good. And then we went out to dessert at the ever amazing Papa Haydn's in Sellwood. Oh man. Yum. 


This year we went to yet another fabulous eatery in yet another neighborhood (I'm starting to think we're working our way both around the city and around the non-traditional meal times... I'm going to have to get creative next year!) This time my sister and I took my mom and grandma out to brunch at the New Deal Cafe in NE on Halsey.  Tasty stuff! 


I love the ladies in my family! We had a fun time chatting and eating. The staff were all really sweet and fun, too, so we were able to hang out and have a good time like we were at home - only without the cooking and clean up. Yesss. :)

Here are a couple pictures of the bouquets I made for my mom and grandma.

Apparently I have problems taking a decent picture inside my house:


The best ones are always in the car!


Happy Mother's Day!