This year I had the privilege of partnering with Apoyemos Spanish Immersion Program for their big end of the year fundraiser.  (If you follow me on instagram, you have seen some of the bouquets along the way.) I have a few photos to share today of the "fiesta" inspired bouquets in bright Ikea pots the organizers provided. Not too many photos, unfortunately, because we were 100% in flower mode and not so much in photo mode. Gotta work on that. :)


The project was pretty massive and a Great learning experience for me. We did some creative problem solving for my workspace in the new house (including how to keep the whole place cool in an unseasonably HOT first half of May), and I am loving it. (Still lots to be done. It seems our house can never have enough shelves?) I also got to meet some lovely people and be a part of a cool program benefiting our kids in Portland. All around what I'd call a pretty successful project!


The look we went for with "fiesta" in mind was a mix of bright colors and explosive texture. Flowers inventory: ranunculus, tulips, Queen Anne's Lace, pincushion protea, mini hydrangea, poms, wax flower, pit, and ferns.