Abbie and Joe.... bright, creative, fun, artistic, spunky, fashionable. All around a pretty talented and awesome couple, one might say.

Looking through their wedding photos and thinking back to their day back in October has given me some time to think a little about what in particular was so wonderful about working on the designs for their wedding. I love weddings in part because I love the challenge of working my designs and style into a theme - evoking an atmosphere and adding to a specific look. 


Abbie wanted flowers that were cute and romantic, but not friendly. I like that. One of the reasons I work in and love the European floral style is that it is garden inspired, and gardens, while they can provide beauty and nourishment, are not completely safe or friendly. They might have thorns or bugs or snakes or any number of things besides flowers and food. And that is okay! Nature is part of life - you take the hard and the soft, the beautiful and the ugly, the rough and the smooth, and enjoy it. I don't like to pretend life is perfect or to wear rose colored glasses. Part of the beauty of life is the reality of imperfection or difficulty - that dichotomy of seeing the light because of the darkness.


And I think that's a lovely thing to consider for wedding flowers: while weddings are a celebration of the start of a marriage and of something wonderful, relationships are hard and complicated and not always pretty, so why not get started celebrating the whole of it? I don't know if that was what Abbie was going for, or if she just likes to keep things a little more edgy or didn't want to be cliche, but I'm glad she made that request and gave me the chance to explore some slightly less traditional wedding flower ideas and looks. 


Thank you Abbie and Joe for letting me be a part of your fabulous and fun wedding celebration! Best wishes and love to you.

And thank you to the amazing Jenna St. Martin for providing these fantastic images. (I believe more will be sneaking their way in to various blog posts to come... I just can't get enough!)