Spring Came Last Week

…and it was so weird.

Spring is odd! It’s the most up and down season. I know it’s for a reason - sunny, rainy, sunny rainy makes the plants grow. But it’s still sometimes irritating. It helps, though, to see the results: three inches of growth on my neighbor’s awesome peonies in one day. Tree after tree starting to bloom. Daffodils. Daphne.

It is a bit pitiful to see those poor new buds covered in snow. But the late Winter/early Spring plants are tough and they can handle it. I, on the other hand, did not feel particularly tough as I slid around, waving my arms and trying to keep my footing! Walking on a hill with 2 inches of wet snow is tough; running impossible. I had to give up. So I made the most of my outing and took pictures.