Bridal Show

When Amy from Swoon Imagery invited me to create some designs for their photography display table at a recent bridal show, I jumped at the chance - these ladies do incredible work! Just a couple minutes to browse their website and you will see what I’m talking about. Freaking cool. And even with their kind of intimidatingly incredible resume and portfolio they are sweet, down to earth and great to work with. I am so grateful that they wanted a few flowers to brighten up their booth - thanks, ladies!
Since the display was for a wedding show, I decided to go with a large, cascading bridal bouquet, as well as two small, clear, square vase centerpiece-type arrangements. Color choices were based on Amy’s comment that their new business card colors are green and plumb (couldn’t love it more!). So I went with a strong emphasis on greens while highlighting anemones, sweat peas - and orange tulips (for a little contrast). 
[Thanks again to Amy of Swoon Imagery for the inspiration and opportunity, and to my ever talented and helpful husband Josh for taking photos]