Recap & Confessions

January was supposed to be my recap month. My time to reflect and consider and plan. During the first week of January I love reading bloggers posts on their previous year and it simply amazes me  that they’re able to make it through the holidays AND do all of their pondering in enough time to blog about it by the first week of January! Can I say I’m not up to that level of organization? I just wanted to end January with some sort of year in review blog post. And, well, it’s February. Looks like that didn’t happen.

The first half of January really was productive (then I got some sort of flu and laid in bed for the second half). I think I could have posted what I learned and some of the good year in review type stuff, but I got caught up in needing to do a little more analyzing, and get my tasks and goals a little more in order, and do something a little better and more interesting, like having a year in review photo post. Are you seeing a trend here? Unhelpful and somewhat incapacitating perfectionism, anyone? Yeah, I think one of my personal and business goals this year should be “take yourself a little less seriously”. Especially since one of my other goals is to make smaller goals than last year (this is surprisingly incredibly difficult for me). (Note: smaller goals does sound kind of bad, but there are good reasons! Mostly related to our commitment to working at our church this year.) 

So, without further ado, editing or thinking, here are my top three learned “dos” and “don’ts” from 2011:

Top 3 Dos:

-Clean workspace FIRST

-Take photos of EVERY project

-Do accounting RIGHT AWAY

Top 3 Don’ts:


-Try something NEW the day of

-Forget coffee

It’s not rocket science and it’s not glamorous, but learning happens continuously and without request or permission. I don’t know what I was hoping to learn in my first real full year as a floral designer, but I’ll take any lessons I can get. It was a good, full year and I more than met my goals. This year’s goals are pretty practical (though they have yet to be turned into tasks and are thus, currently unattainable - I’m on it!) and I have high hopes for an interesting year - learning life lessons along with increasing my practical and creative realms. Hello 2012! 

Now I will leave you with some images of a wild, winter bouquet in welcome of February and the rest of the year: