Sunny NW Wedding


[dahlias, lady’s mantle, saffron, astrantia, fountain grass, veronica,

ferns, mint, roses, delphinium, jasmine]

A gorgeous sunny day. A lovely and convenient venue. A great group of people. A considerate and delightfully planned event. Jordan and Janae planned everything down to a T - for a reason! They are sweet, thoughtful and really fun, and wanted their day to be the same. And not just their wedding - their whole relationship is like that! I loved working with them at watching them take care of each other and find ways to make sure the other felt loved, at all times. So good! You two are such a joy!

The venue: Riverview in Troutdale

The photographer: Jess Harvey Photography

[couldn’t resist slipping in a photo of the bride & groom with the hottest groomsman -my husband, of course- and myself, enjoying a beer between the ceremony and reception. Cheers!]