More Tea, Please

Look at at that, it’s Tuesday morning. No, wait, not even Tuesday morning; Tuesday afternoon. Oh boy. Tuesday afternoon is no Monday morning, but I figured better late than never for this Weekly Accounts blog post. This post is coming along slowly due to my constant water-slurping and nose-wiping pauses (be glad you don’t share a laptop with me). 

Yesterday involved a brief excursion for flowers (I’m like the USPS when it comes to flower delivery), climbing back in bed, pepermint tea, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, breakfast in bed, vitamins, pepermint tea, Tintin books, pepermint tea, tv, visit to the dr’s office, sushi, pepermint tea, going to sleep. 

You know how when it’s dark and raining or you’re sick and you want some comfort food? Well, I also have comfort flowers. So yesterday, while having one of those headache’s that’s more problematic for it’s anti-thinking-ness than it’s pain, and feeling less than adventurous, I bought comfort flowers. Flowers I know look lovely and interesting no matter what, flowers that more or less do what you want them to do, flowers that don’t take an age to clean and prep. (Thankfully, some of my comfort flowers are available in Winter.) Scotchbroom, Queen Anne’s Lace, Eucalyptus, Berzelia.