As Fall heads our way, so do schedules, organization, cooking, cleaning and did I say organization? I love a little Summer chaos, but Fall i always my true favorite season. This year it is especially helpful to get back into a routine, because things are just so messy and all over the place! Including my photos.

While making various attempts to get them a bit more organized, I found these! Way back in June, before dahlias, before weddings, before summer rain, I was blessed to be part of a lovely little shower. Unfortunately, the photos aren't of super great quality. In my defense, I was rather scattered and nervous about this particular shower. Not about the flowers, but because I had, in a moment of insanity, agreed to speak at the shower. Elissa, this is how much I love you, your family, and your friend Sierra (who asked me to speak).

If you don't know me, let me tell you a little about myself: I do not speak in front of people. Yes, I talk a lot, but in the one-on-one style, or in a chatting sort of way. In highschool and college I did everything possible to avoid speeches. I still avoid it at all costs. But someone needed to do it, and again, I do love you, Elissa, and I planned to just pretend no one else was there and it was more or less just me, Elissa, and her family. 

Well, enough about me. Let's get on to the photos:

I chose simple vases with a graphic quality to compliment the greens, fine texture and detail of the arrangements. I went with more of an emphasis on texture in order to make a mostly green palette a bit more interesting. Elissa is not a particularly girly girl, so I wanted to stick to mostly greens with a bit of blue and white.

Sister of the bride, and Elissa.
You can't have a shower without dessert and a couple of cute babies!Visuals to keep me on track while speaking.