betsy's wedding

Totally had a flash-back moment today: Blue sky, bright lipstick, beautiful pink flowers in my kitchen, excitedly carrying flowers on my way out the door, finally fur coat weather… 

*screech noise* End deja-vu because this is tank-top weather, baby! But six months ago it was definitely fur coat weather (and surprisingly a parallel wedding season, at least for Bramble, that is). 

So… happy just-over-six-month’s wedding anniversary to the lovely couple Betsy and Sean! Thank you so much for letting me be a part of your wedding- it was beautiful, meaningful, and absolutely FUN.

It feels like forever since I posted that tiny sneak-peek of Betsy’s New Years Day Wedding. If it’s any indication about how bad I am with posting wedding pictures - I didn’t post any from my wedding till our 1st anniversary. I didn’t even notice that the ceremony images hadn’t been uploaded to facebook until well into the year. So I took the anniversary as an opportunity to post and remember. So I’m taking advantage of Betsy and Sean’s six month anniversary to post a few of their lovely professional images (from the lovely ladies at Swoon Imagery).