Weekend update

Welcome to weekend update, part deux! "But, but wasn't the weeked a long time ago?" you ask. Well, yes it was. But it was also a holiday weekend, and those are always so confusing. It was also the husband's 25th birthday - always an ordeal (or should be). So yes, it is Thursday, but as we only just started this little tradition, I thought it would be a bad idea to skip it. (Also, it was a pretty awesome weekend, so I hate to leave it out.)

Weekend Top 5:

1. The King's Speech - finally saw it. I know you have already seen it, but now I have too. It was perfectly wonderful.

2. Fireworks for Memorial Day at the Timbers vs DC United match.

3. Puerto Rico - the board game of economics! ...............is not boring at all

4. Coffee and a walk through the neighborhood with the husband. Flowers flowers everywhere!

The poppies! I KNOW!

5. This man (and his birthday):

Peace out and have a great weekend (since it's already almost here), friends!