weekend five

i'm starting to learn that the quality of your monday closely corresponds to the quality of your weekend. weekend chill? monday relaxed. weekend super crazy fun? monday insane! weekend so busy? monday horrible. and so on. now, unfortunately, me having a lovely weekend is not always a solid shoe in for a decent monday because you never know what type of weekend the customers have had.

that said, this weekend was rather lovely, and today was by no means a bad monday.

note from this morning's unpublished version of the blog: i wish summer rain didn't make me feel doubly lazy and insanely unmotivated. so much for planting edibles in my pots or riding the bike to work. le sigh.

highlights from the mildly lovely weekend:

1. free plants! leftover tomato plants from my parents [fabulous pay for a couple hours of weed pulling]

2. fearless fog nail polish loaned from a generous coworker [excellent for this inbetween weather]

3. more flowers stolen from my neighbor [okay, not really stolen... apparently they don't mind if we pick them]

[can't have the 2nd weekend of june pass by without a reference to the Portland Rose Festival: am Waterfront crowds watch as a tugboat gives fanfare for a military vessel on it's way in to port]

4. new nero wolfe with a pleasing cover [i care about a book's outside as well as inside]

5. real food at a sporting event = win [yakisoba and stir fry rather than chicken strips and curley fries]