weekend update

Mondays are a strange animal. Up until about two years ago I didn't really get the whole "Mondays are the worst things that ever happened to me" vibe. Mondays were pretty awesome. By way of a little explanation, allow me to let you in on a little secret: I'm one of those geeks who loves school. I love books, I love pencils, I love learning. While I was in school, weekends were pretty good, but usually consisted of staying up late working, and even later writing papers. So Monday was the day to print my essays, stuff them in my oversized purse (yes, I always have and always will carry a monster purse rather than a more appropriately designed bag for whatever the activity at hand), and head to a class where I would sit and absorb. Sit. Relax. Learn. 

Then I graduated. And got a job. Oh..... so weekends are for having fun and running errands, while the week is for working all day at a horrible job? Mondays? Hate 'em. I joined the club.

But then I started officially working with flowers (and joined the ranks of Portlanders wearing black and pulling espresso shots Monday through Friday). It's good times. So now weekends are crazy busy and Monday is often greeted grouchily and slightly dehydrated around 9am when I finally roll myself out of bed. But it's not that bad. The weekend was just so fun that it's hard to bring it down a notch! Along with the normal responsible adult weekend doings, and the fun weekend happenings, I'm usually either involved in flowers (me) or photography (husband). Because all of that is so fun, and Monday's really aren't that bad, I've decided to start a segment on the blog for a weekend update (also inspired by Five Things and Kisses and Disses by fabulous bloggers Emily and Jasmine). (I promise next week will not have nearly so many words.)

So, without further ado, here are the top five highlights of my weekend (in no particular order):

1. New bike! and running my weekend errands on it.

2. Date with the husband (plus Franziskaner beer at Prost - new fave).

3. Vegan pizza? Yes, please! Probably the only really torturous part of being lactose intolerant is the cheese part. Especially how it relates to not being able to eat pizza. But then Saturday I discovered Hotlips has vegan pizza! Score!

4. Portland Timbers beat Columbus Crew 1-0. That's right. Still unbeaten at home.

5. Flowers at home. My mom clipped some of her insanely bright rhododendron for me!

And, um... I've decided to include a weekend low-light as well: the price of beer at a professional soccer game! Ah! The husband and I are horrified! (He really is! just not in this picture.)

Anyway, I hope you had a fantastic weekend, found some flowers to bring inside, food to fit your intolerances, and beer that cost less than $17.