Photo Shoot

These last few weeks have been full of imagination and action: art, design, painting, photography, dressing up, going out - the works. Unfortunately, it’s been overwhelming [and fun] enough that there hasn’t been much time for blogging.

While I’m getting caught up, I wanted to share a few photos with you all from a photo shoot I had the pleasure of being a part of back in March. Two of my amazing friends (stylist Emily and photog Stephanie) decided we needed to do a styled shoot… with my husband and I as models! I was overly excited at the prospect of getting my husband in front of the camera rather than behind it [and, of course, getting to pull out the wedding dress] - we rarely get good pictures together. He was less than excited before hand, but - tribute to how awesome Steph is - ended up spending the rest of the day talking about how much fun the shoot was. 

Another part of the shoot that was really special for me was getting to create personal flowers for Josh and I that were actually for US! Emily styled the shoot (faaaaabulous!!) so I knew to go with something vintage-y paired with a little urban/outdoors/Portland edge. I went with delicate greens and whites with an intense, off kilter red thrown in, tied up in burlap and leather. 

[scotchbroom, kale, queen anne’s lace, protea]

I love the atmosphere and detail Steph is able to capture in her work.

…I love weddings - I loved mine, and I love being part of so many others through Bramble - but it doesn’t end there! These photos gave me a chance to spend some time focusing on and acknowleding Josh and my three years together and how our love has grown. If your wedding is a distant memory and you can’t remember your last photoshoot (or date!) I highly recommend giving these girls a call… they did all the work, and we got a wonderful date and a set of amazing photos!