Tulips & Orchids

So a couple of weeks ago I posted a picture of some gorgeous tulips with the promise of more to come.

Uh... and then I got completely caught up with other things and left you hanging! I delivered this arrangement of primarily tulips, orchids, hypericum berries, wax flowers and euphorbia to downtown Portland on a Very cold morning- I hope the recipiant was warmed by the thoughtfulness of the sender (and by the beautiful yellows and greens). Downtown deliveries are quite convenient for me - but I will also deliver all over the metro area. [Easter and Mother's day are coming up: we'll have some fabulous offers up soon - but if you have something in mind, just shoot me an email or comment on facebook]

Apologies for the odd venue! I completely forgot to snap some pics of these before I was already headed out fo the delivery. So... these pics were taken in my car, and yes, that is my purse. Don't worry - I only snapped pictures at stoplights...