Spring "Break" & More Tulips

Alright - it's Spring Break and I have far too many friends who work in the school system. Just when you think it's bad enough that your friends who are still in college have it good this week -and that's enough to whine about- you start bumping in to all the other people who are going to the beach this week because they work for a school. I suppose they've earned it. But really, what about the rest of us?! 

Now that that's out of my system... I have a little confession: I have the day off today [from my day job]. It wasn't my intention, and I didn't even ask for it. And I'll pay for it by working a double tomorrow. But at least I get to sleep in, clean a bit, and do all those weird errands that are so hard to get done while on a regular work schedule.

So for all of you who are still at work this week, here is a cheery pink version of my Tulips and Orchids design. I hope it makes you feel better about being at work. 

Also, start thinking about Easter! Are you hosting a meal, or are you expected to bring something along to one? We're going to be running Easter design info starting the 2nd week of April, but here's a little bit of early release info: you can order anything you like, but we'll be running special deals on two variations of easy-to-see-over-and-around designs with two price points on each - something for everyone!