Snow in the City

Yesterday it snowed - even in downtown Portland. It doesn't happen very often, but ohhh when it does it is lovely. This little park has a little treasure in its southwest corner - a small garden of helebores. [side note: this image has not been made black and white - notice the green grass in the bottom right corner? yeah, Portland is really that grey]

Some of these blossoms are so beautiful - they touch my soul.

Look at how they are so weighed down with Winter- And yet so vibrant and strong! 

Also... look at that mud - be glad I'm a lady and cropped out the dog poop. [I guess I'm not a lady - I mentioned the dog poop]

I love these yellow and purple buds so much that I got impatient and posted them to facebook yesterday because I knew I didn't have time to make a blogpost before going to bed. Sometimes if you "like" us on facebook you get sneak peaks (and, in the future, special deals)!

Today the snow is gone, but it is terribly cold and viciously sunny. I hope you are warm and cozy wherever you are this evening.