transition, part 2


 Flying never ceases to amaze me. It looses some of it'sglamour and magic after the 4th or 5th all day string of flights (having family 3,000+ miles away will do that to you), but nothing can take away the awe of looking at the world from 30,000 feet up. For politeness sake I always ask my husband which seat he prefers, the middle or window, but he will always say he doesn't care and I can have the window if I want. He's learned the hard way how annoying it is to have a curious window seat lover sitting in the middle: someone's always leaning into your lap or bumping your head in their frantic attempt to look out the window. It is what makes flying worth it. (That and the fact that it means getting to Florida in one day rather than 5.)

It feels a bit surreal to jump from tropical to pacific in one day (or even pacific to tropical and back in a week). Layovers even reinforce the crazy distance and diverse geography of the transition, but on our trip back the layover was an added bonus: snow! Even though it wasn't actually snowing, and we weren't staying longer than a couple of hours, I feel I can claim a White Christmas.

These photos are a bit of our "there and back again". I ran out of memory by the time we hit our spectacular, double layer of clouds Oregon sunset - but don't worry, in no way did I loose interest in the view by the end of the trip. You'll just have to trust me when I say it was incredible. 

[Mt Bachelor, Oregon] 

[mountains, Nevada]

[sunset & lakes, Florida]

[Gulf of Mexico, Florida]

[mountains just outside Albuquerque, New Mexico]

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