Transition, part 1


December feels like Winter to me. But it’s really not. Winter starts in the end of December, and really starts to kick in after the New Year. After such a fantastically dry December, ending in a trip to Florida, there was really no denying that we had yet to encounter Winter. I wanted to take Winter full on by heading up to Mt Hood on New Year’s Eve, but I’ve been told this warm rain we’ve got in town is also up on the mountain… not sure I want to go snow shoeing in the rain. We’ll see. 

Today’s arrangement is simple, a little asymetrical, and warm-weather Winter influenced: white snaps and magnolia leaves. I’ve noticed a growing popularity of Magnolias here in Portland, but they’re still nothing like in the South. They do well as cut stems anywhere you like, though - their texture (shiny on the front side, matte on the back), dual vibrantly saturated color, and hearty size make them more of a focal element than you often get with foliage. I’m a fan.