A little bit of local


[Fremont Bridge ~ Cavalia]

Today I put on a sweater, wool coat, down vest, wool hat and gloves and a pair of boots. Snuggly warm enough to enjoy being outdoors in the cold sun. (And too warm to have the heat up high in the car… after scraping down both the exterior AND interior of my windshield.) Okay… the rice milk hot chocolate helped, too.

[Almost Christmas Bouquet]

Couldn’t resist another red and white arrangement since we’re getting so close to Christmas. I try to be cool and think I’m going to make edgy, not too Christmasy arrangements and decorations - but who am I kidding. Christmas kitch is just too awesome. Hence the overtly homemade decorations all over my house and the non stop red, white and green bouquets. Aaaaand this week’s pepperberry, gumdrop eucs and star of bethlehem flowers. Locally grown red tulips were just the frosting on the cookies :)

What’s your Christmas guilty pleasure?