in space

Space. This weekend I spent some time considering it. Not outer space (no chrome or psy-borg floral designs this week!), but personal space. Personal as in how I experience the world in the physical space around me. Or my perception of it. 

In conversation while rock climbing Saturday night, I made a remark about how I often say that I have bad balance, when really, I'm just clumsy. I gave some examples and my climbing buddy informed me that I actually have a problem with proprioception. Whoaaa - is that a foreign word to anyone else? Hopefully. Or it's just one more physiological thing that I don't, but should probably know. In case you didn't know, proprioception is the "perception governed by proprioceptors, as awareness of the position of one's body". There you have it. Lesson of the day. Your welcome.

But what does this have to do with flowers? I'm getting there! After I pondered proprioception a bit, Monday morning rolled around and it was time to create a floral arrangement. After thinking through what flowers are currently available for the season and what colors I'll be working with, I tackle form. Form, shape, line, structure... space! Without this, a bunch of flowers is pretty, but it's just a bunch of flowers. With the right balance and form in space, pretty much any flowers can make a statement with a wide range of impact. In light of my reflection on space, this week's design has somewhat of a human feel to it. Well, to me it does - in the same way that a piece of pottery has anatomical qualities (neck, shoulder, hip...). My client described it as "happy", and I think that speaks to the natural kinship we feel with all living things, but particularly with things in which we see ourselves.