Today in the coffee shop I overheard two ladies discussing how “weird this Fall has been”. I was glad to hear someone else say it. A a rule I tend to label pretty much everything a “weird”, but I was starting to think maybe this Fall has been weird. Our down comforter only just got brought out, and only last week did I make sure my tiny umbrella and a pair of gloves were inserted into my purse. It’s the middle of November! Is it usally only just starting to get cold? Maybe I just love cold weather too much so I’m impatient. But no matter what you or I wish, it is finally cold, and the leaves have finally decided to be truely gorgeous and get serious about covering the sidewalks. And, thankfully, while I was surprisingly not running late for the bus today, I managed to get a couple photos of the leaves in my path. 

I love how floral designs naturally draws on the seasons, celebrating the diverse beauty that springs up out of the ground. On seeing this morning’s arrangement my client exclaimed, “Oh! It looks like a bird about to take flight!” Her wholistic vision of nature and creative assessment of the design struck me. Animals or other complimentary movements in nature are a great inspiration, and I’m excited to see where a more intentional use of that vision can take my designs.

Happy Fall!