protests & forgetfulness

"Happy Halloween! Do you have any plans? Yeah, last weekend was rather busy for parties.

Are you expecting many trick-or-treaters? Wow, that's crazy!

What cute toddler costumes have you seen so far? I know, I want to eat them, too.

So are you wearing a costume? I totally forgot Halloween was on a business day and I could probably dress up. So this is my costume. We should have planned ahead of time and all wore Starbucks dress code, right?!"

Halloween is a great topic of conversation for the day job. We were all rather cheerful and energized, though tired and clumsy... I give credit to the awesome Halloween pandora station I honed to perfection throughout the day. (By the end it mostly consisted of movie sound tracks and 80's hits.)

It really was kind of lame that I forgot we could probably dress up, but at the last minute I remembered that I recieved these for my birthday and had yet to use them. Poof! Excellent costume that only those I choose get to see. Perfect!


I was tempted to go super heavy, fall-ish, and brown/orange for my Monday morning arrangement this week. It seemed appropriate for the last day of October. But then... part of what I do with flowers is to fight sterotypes and seek the alternatives, the interesting bits, the "something different". I decided to go with a delicate texture palatte and give oranage the chance to be a small, understated bright, rather than the whole deal. When the husband asked about it later, I told him it was my "Winter Protest" arrangement. (Working a day job next to Occupy Portland will start to rub off on you after a while.) He deemed it an appropriate title. 


It is meant to be a cheerful, light, soft "Fall is awesome and Winter is not allowed in the room quite yet" piece. (Today I'm posting phone snaps. I promise real camera snaps later.)