At The Getty

I don't know what normal people do on vacation, but I can't justify, reason, or really even want to go somewhere unless there is a museum invovled. Or, growing more common at this point in my life, a garden. Two weeks ago, on a somewhat impromptu California adventure, my friend Jacie and I sort of hit the jackpot: amazing museum + amazing gardens. 

On our way to The Happiest Place On Earth, we stopped at The Getty: a well-planned transition from Not The Happiest Place On Earth (I5) to Disneyland. Hot, dry I5 made a quick transition to breezy, vegetation-filled LA. My road-trip co-conspirator and I breathed a sigh of relief as we pulled into The Getty's uber organized parking garage. Shade at last! Even better was the lovely breeze that greeted us as we emerged from the elevators to the tram that leads up to the museum and institute on the hill. Cooled off but still starving, we ran around the grounds like kids in a candy store before looking at signs for where to eat. I swear it looks like heaven there! So beautiful and serene. 

What follows is a smattering of photos from the afternoon - I could have spent a whole day (or more) there between the gardens, the views and the museums. An afternoon was all we had, but we came away with rather full memory cards, so more photos may follow...