something new

As a conversation starter tonight, someone asked what had surprised me this week. That's a new one for me, and as today is only Tuesday, I really had to think. Things happen all the time that catch us off guard, sending us into a flurry of stress, panic, irritation, excitement, joy, wonder... I realized tonight how valuable it is to take a moment and consider my reactions to the unexpected. Even for as short a time span as two days.

This week I was surprised by a free evening with nothing planned. It caught me so off guard I had no idea what to do with myself. With the amount of planning I do (my main to-do list is a 2' x 3' white board sectioned off into four quadrants, if you need a visual), it is a massive shock to realize I have four hours with nothing planned. Josh was sick and went to bed early, so not only did I find myself with free time, but free alone time. Interesting. I messed around and did a few small things, chatted with a friend who stopped by, watched a documentary and read another chapter of my book. Nothing exciting, but having the chance to then sit down and think about it tonight sort of magnified something in my brain.

Now I'm off like a dog after a squirrel, darting here and there in my recent past and looking for the surprises, reactions, and being amazed at which things ended up being positive, and which negative. In that, I noticed a surprising (there it is again!) number of things that have ended up being new "discoveries" for me that I am kind of getting in to. And now I see that it really is high time that I made a practice of learning/trying/seeing/loving something new. Regularly.

A sampling of my little New Things:

-trip-hop and dubstep (who knew?)

-popping popcorn in a pan on the stove

-Terry Pratchett



-bouquets with bling (no one is more surprised than me)

 [bridal bouquet details from Ildi's fabulous wedding... more on that later]

What new thing have you learned/loved/gotten in to lately?