Duke Open House

In the last post I mentioned choosing a woodland look for Gabe and Melissa because of their love of the outdoors (and their laid-back not-fussiness, their interesting personalities, their unique “be yourself” sort of attitudes, and more), but I thought I should make a note on the birdcage use, as well. Earlier this year I was foraging for moss and ferns at Gabe’s parent’s house, and his sister and I noticed a beautiful antique birdcage in the yard. After I finished oohing and ahhing she mentioned I could borrow it if I wanted. We chatted about the upcoming wedding and reception and this and that, and I got the idea to incorporate it into the florals. When it came up that the birdcage belonged to Gabe’s grandma, I really wanted to make sure to find a way to use it. As the reception grew closer, it turned out a good friend had yet another antique cage and was willing to let me use it, as well! Fabulous! I went with the birch tubes and grass-filled bud vase for the other designs to keep the woodland theme and play off the bird sort of feeling, and to keep the look cohesive. 

The use of herbs and veggies were both a little nod to the practicality of the couple, as well as for the nice texture (and because I love using edibles :)).


For those who guessed (thanks!) herbs on the last post, you can probably now spot where the rosemary is actually used. The other herbs used were parsley and thyme. And for the veg I used brussel sprouts!