A Flower Education: Berzelia

One of the things I love about floral design are the infinite possibilities: nature is so diverse and… big! As I love to [as often as possible] include less traditional cut flowers by visiting the farmers market, including fruits and veggies and gathering local plants, I thought it would be fun to start a new segment on the blog. We’re going to call it “A Flower Education” - so we can all learn about these beautiful plants together (yay!).

The Facts

The Berzelia genus is a group of shrubs originating in South Africa. It grows in boggy areas and flowers in small green or white clusters. In floral design the buds are most often used often being referred to as berries. Berzelia’s namesake is Count Jacob J. Berzelius (1779-1845), a renowned Swedish chemist who was the founder of chemical symbols. It currently has no known medical or culinary use.

But that’s okay because it looks Awesome. Look for it in our upcoming arrangements and designs!

What are some of your favorite unconventional/less traditional flowers?