Small Spaces


As a city girl, I have always been resigned to living in a small space. Actually, it is my dream to live in a brick apartment with a wrought iron fire escape for my plants. Even for those lucky enough to be in a house, space might be limited. If you want to be in town, you’re likely to be in a beautiful, old neighborhood. And old houses for the middle class, with all their charm, tend to have small rooms. Farm houses and Victorian tend to be the oldest houses you can find in Portland (when other cities were building fabulous houses in previous architectural styles, Oregon was pretty much still in log cabin phase), and that means small rooms. Working class war era houses abound as well – possibly even smaller.

Living in small spaces often means no mantle or dining table for flowers. So we get creative. Inadequate space is no excuse for depriving one’s self of fresh flowers on a regular basis! There are countless ways to use fresh flowers in small – even tiny – places. I like to create mini bouquets (1″ – 2″) on my window sills to peak out around my wine glasses.

I also am a fan of tall, skinny arrangements – beautiful options that aren’t going to crowd your plates or laptop.


Here is a small arrangement with an approximately 4″x4″ vase, standing about 12″ high. These gorgeous Sweet William pack a punch of color, while the Rosemary, Blueberries, Geranium leaves and other greens add texture, variety and a little fragrance to the mix. I can literally squeeze this almost any where in my house – desk, bookshelves, window sill, breakfast table, night stand (if I had one)…

And even if you have more room or are wishing to decorate for a get together, this arrangement works well multiplied – it lends to a more graphic quality and can be very chic.