Apple Butter

Well, we had to do something with all the apples that weren't made into desserts! 

38 jars, 20 odd cups of sugar (I KNOW), and a lot of spices ago we had about 30 lbs of apples. 


And this is how we made it:


Result: deliciousness.


There is no great secret to making apple butter (besides finding a patient partner to help you with it- thanks mom!) - just make sure to taste it often. You can tell if it's done by how well it holds form on the spoon... which is helpful, because it tastes good at every stage.

For this year's apple butter I used a recipe found online. Much to my husband's dismay I tend to just browse online and combine recipes till I find something I think will work. Even then I usually make adjustments (he's a bit more by-the-book, and yes, he is more often successful). Each batch has a slightly different amount of liquid and spices. They're labeled "spicy", "super spicy", "regular" and "tangy lemon".

I'll post images of the 38 cute little jars as soon as I get their proper labels and ribbons ready - they're going out as Christmas gifts this year. 

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