baby shower, part 3

Now for the product of the fun part: putting it all together.

I pretty frequently end up with matching containers - by request or because it works. But mismatched containers are something I really love. Not quite matching causes pause and consideration on the part of the viewer, which I really enjoy. What is that statistic about art and museum-goers? Museum-goers stop in front of a work of art for something like 20 seconds, I believe. 20 seconds! (This is why I like to visit museums alone, friends.) All that to say, if I can create something that causes someone to take a second look, a longer look, or to stop and say "Hey! ...what? oh!" part of my goal is satisfied.


Here we have a black square vase, a cylinder, a clear square, and a paper-wrapped container. 

I'll have to show you some of my antique and vintage vases sometime...